A wishbone is a beautiful, Y-shaped bone with a curious story. It is a forked bone found in birds and dinosaurs. Previously used to predict the weather nowadays it can grant wishes.

The relationship that we have with nature has many aspects. Biological life inspires artists and designers by its sheer diversity and refinement. Meanwhile nature has another side, one of violence death and decay. When I found the wishbone in the remains of a bird, I loved its simplicity and shape. In it feelings of attraction and repulsion melt into one ambiguous experience.

To accentuate this ambiguity the bone is cast in silver. It is balanced between the symbolic, tribal origins of bone jewelry and classic elegance. In the form of a brooch you keep good luck with you always.

The pin is made by casting a real chicken bone in silver. This technique preserves all the little mistakes of the nature and give the brooch its unique look.

Materials: silver
Size: 52mm
Texture: available in mat and shine finish.
Price:€ 48,00



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