The flower vase was inspired by one of the last Fuller’s visionary projects, the “Fly’s Eye” dome. The name comes from the resemblance of the structure of fly’s eye.

It consists of two parts: the water container and the covering it perforated dome. The top part is a flower holder which support the vertical position of the flowers and separates them from each other. This way each of the flower gets proper care and attention. Nevertheless all the flowers share the same water container.

The top and bottom part can be arranged in varied combination of colors. From the outside only the thin stripe of the base water container can be visible. A contrasting shade can be a nice finishing detail of the flower pot.

Materials: Colored glazed porcelain

Big Ø 12cm H=23cm
Small Ø 12cm H=16cm

Producent Krafla.

© Kasia Zareba